Electric Imp – Weather display

Posted on Monday, August 4th, 2014 in DIY by DP


Wardy posted his simple weather forecast display:

Found a much better use for the 2049 board – a simple, cheap weather forecast display…
This picture shows an Electric Imp device delivering a 4×4 pixel image to the 2049 board from a server on the west coast of the USA…
The 4×4 pixel image itself is simply a debug image that proves that the system works.
The next step is to harvest weather data from the Met Office (Datapoint API) and have the server Agent convert this data into a series of animations for the 4×4 display to show.
By a weird coincidence the 2049 board is a perfect size for pairing up with an Electric imp dev board (“impee-april rev3”). That was totally unplanned!

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