PIC-18 Breakout with ICSP


A breakout for 18 pins DIP package Microchip PICs by Electropepper, he writes:

I needed to make a small test on some old chips i had, so i came up with a quick hour and half, break-out board for most PICs DIP-18 sockets. I also included an ICSP header.
I have been using this mostly to PIC16F88 and PIC16F628a, and it should be compatible with most 18 pins 16f family of microchip PIC microcontrollers.



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  1. Having made about a dozen of these thingies using stripboards for PIC12F thru PIC24F parts, I think:
    (a) a stripboard is better, you can add and subtract stuff more easily
    (b) extra space all around will enable limited bits of prototype circuitry to be added easily
    (c) manipulating jumpers in a cramped space is quickly tiring, I would rather pull the ICSP
    (d) vertical 0.1″ pins can be a little high in cramped spaces, I like either 90 deg pins or turned pin sockets better
    (e) in addition to the always useful LED indicator, two small rows of Vcc+GND is often very convenient
    (f) for proper sleep testing of a prototype on the board, add a 1M resistor to stop MCLR from floating if it is not tied anywhere

    1. I’ve no disagreement with your work, after all, these boards (like the ones I make) are almost always custom one-offs. Just pointing out other options for folks who are looking at emulating this.

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