Bus Pirate v3.8 free PCB build

Posted on Monday, July 21st, 2014 in builds by DP


@psmay tweeted picture of his free Bus Pirate v3.8 PCB build:

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2 Responses to “Bus Pirate v3.8 free PCB build”

  1. Peter S. May says:

    Note that it isn’t quite finished, but it’s at least close.

    I don’t have any solder paste on hand, so I used a conventional soldering iron to tin all of the pads on the board, then tacked all of the parts into place with a generous blob of flux paste. After a bit of 375°F on the electric skillet and a little nudging, about three-fourths of the board was correct, but a few of the smaller parts floated away and had to be replaced and soldered by hand (very tricky with those 0603s and my wobbly hands). After some cleanup with an iron, a wick, and the hot air rework tool borrowed at Club Cyberia, all of the components were in place, but the thing didn’t work.

    I didn’t realize until I got home that the FT232RL was placed in reverse (as shown in the picture), and there’s a good chance that this was the only problem, though I’m sure the USB connector being full of flux isn’t helping.

    I plan to finish it off next time I’m there, which is hopefully next weekend.

  2. Peter S. May says:

    Finished the board today. Ruined two FT232RLs in the process—my SSOP soldering technique is rather clumsy—but finally I was able to program the bootloader with my PICkit 2, add the firmware with pirate-loader_lnx, and run the self-test, which passed after I made the requisite connections (had to watch out for the 3.8 pinout not matching previous versions; I scrambled the colors of the jumper wires to match the 3.6 card). Sweet.

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