App note: Gas and water metering with the PIC16F91X family


Good app note from Microchip on using PIC micro for metering application.

Electronic utility meters are an important step towards automating the utility metering process. Automated utility meters allow many new features that help reduce the cost of utilities to customers and reduce the cost of delivering utilities to the utility provider.

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  1. I looked into this several years ago. The way to go for water metering is to get an old city type water meter on ebay. Tear off the old analog dial on top, then use a small magnetic relay to pick up the magnetic rotations of the magnet inside the meter. Then just count the pulses. Its handy to have some way to see the counts being counted ( I used a few leds as a binary counter). In this way you can detect leaks in your house just by watching the leds count. I had a way of charting the water usage so you could distinguish a shower from a toilet flush etc. Its amazing how just one leaking toilet seal can send your water bill thru the roof.

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