ThrAxis DIY CNC mill

Eric has posted details on his build of a CNC mill from scratch.

The ThrAxis (Three-Axis) is a vertical milling machine made mostly from materials from hardware stores. The spindle is a Harbor Freight rotary tool and the motors and controllers are surplus and eBay finds. We made it during lots of late evenings using mostly handheld power tools and “garage precision”. It was a fun project for me to work on with my wife and it’s become a handy tool. I’ve found that it has accelerated my ability to realize my project ideas and has made it much easier to make things with the personal touch. We’ve made toys, art, and mechanisms and we have plans for much much more.

Via the contact form.

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  1. This is pretty cool. In my case, it helps drive the question, “do I need a 3D printer or a CNC mill more?” It seems like many of the mechanics can be reused or maybe even combined for a 3D printer that can also do CNC (with some minor modifications)?

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