Fruit machine, 7-segment one-armed bandit


Bertho  shared his fruit machine, a 7-segment one-armed bandit in the project log forum:

I was revisiting the first program I ever wrote and decided it was time to redo the project with “modern” micro tech. The Fruit Machine is a One-armed Bandit (slot-machine) implemented with 7-segment displays. It has 4 displays to represent the “reels” and two for the credits.
The reels can be held in place after a roll to increase the chances of a win. A winning combination are three or four equal symbols in a row (or two ‘o’ on the right). A “bonus” feature lets you wager double.
The hardware is a simple AVR processor with 7-segment displays in a matrix. Nothing breathtaking or complex.

Via the forum.

Check out the video after the break.

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  1. This is really cool! You did an excellent job on this project, Bertho. I like the ‘ticks that sound when it is scrolling the reels. I usually don’t take notice of game themed circuits unless they’ve been done elegantly with basic elements i.e. CMOS/TTL based game. But I rather appreciate this project. Certainly going to take a moment to read through your project log on the DP forum. Thank you for sharing!

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