Controller for soldering irons using the Hakko T12 type tips update


sparkybg writes:

Soon there will be a new version. The most universal I can think of.

  • Isolated USB connection (HID class) for firmware updates, live data, and PID tunning.
  • Will be able to recognize unlimited number of instruments – can read resistor, 1-wire EEPROM or 1-wire MCU in the connector or handle. When MCU is used in the handle, it will be able to read the temperature in the handle also, for the best possible accuracy.
  • Will be able to control 2 heaters simultaneously, for microtweezers of any kind.
  • Will be able to read any TC or resistive (PTC,NTC) sensor, linear or not.
  • Sensor input can be wired freely, can be inverted or wired in differential configuration.
  • 2 sensor inputs have separate 4uA – 16mA precise current sources for resistive measurements.
  • Will be able to work with any voltage between 10 and 24 volts, AC or DC
  • OLED display option, for more information and better user interface on the station.

Unfortunately it became pretty complex, and not so cheap, but still much cheaper than many OEM controllers. I have just finished the PCBs. I will open a new thread when I have a working prototype.

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