Open source STM32 vehicle tracker

Posted on Thursday, March 13th, 2014 in open source by DP


X89300 shared his STM32 car tracker project, that is available at Github:

STM32 48/64 pins (F10X, F20X, F40X, L151)
GSM Telit GL685/GL868
Accelerometer MMA7455
CAN bus (need MCU with CAN support)
2 input, 1 output signal
Standard SIM or SimOnChip
Only for 48 pins version
Side connector for extension pcb
Only for 64 pins version
Battery support with charger
USB support
EEPROM in SOT-5 case
Side connector to RFM70 or other module

Via the project log forum.

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2 Responses to “Open source STM32 vehicle tracker”

  1. Chuckt says:

    Can someone please explain what the project does or how it functions? A little more information would be nice.

    • eLLi says:

      …shouldn’t be too hard to figure out by looking at the feature list. The GSM module transmits data retrieved (and processed) from the GPS and accelerator module, from the car’s CAN bus, and perhaps from some other stuff. The data sent certainly contains location information, but could also contain information regarding the operational state of the car.

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