Testing of two three-phase BLDC motor drivers


Kerry Wong writes:

I was doing a project that needed a driver for hard disk spindle motors. While I could use a microcontroller to generate the required driving waveform sequence, keeping the waveform in sync with the motor rotation is actually quite tricky especially at higher rotation speeds. To ensure the correct timing sequence, a back-EMF controller is required for these sensorless three-phase BLDC motors.
Back-EMF BLDC drivers can be implemented using microcontrollers as well (Microchip’s AN1083 describes this approach in detail), but there is quite some complexity to it. So I ended up lokking for dedicated three-phase BLDC motor drivers.

After some research, I found two chips that seemed to be able to fulfill my needs. One chip is Taxes Instruments‘ DRV11873, and the other is Microchip‘s MTD6501G. Both chips are very easy to use and are decently priced. TI’s DRV11873 has more features compared to Microchip’s MTG6501G…

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