Hacker Camp Shenzhen 2014 registration open

Posted on Saturday, February 15th, 2014 in Hacker Camp Shenzhen, Shenzhen by DP
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By ian


Registration for Hacker Camp Shenzhen April 3-5, 2014 is now open. Check out the mini-site for news and updates, and grab your tickets here. The first camp is limited to 30 people. Tickets are $285 and will be available until February 28th, but will probably sell out in a few days. A special supporter ticket is also available for $385 if you want to help defray the costs of the event.

Cost breakdown

We estimate the workshop expenses will total $285 per person. This includes:

  • Soldering workshop tuition
  • Translation services
  • Copies and printed materials
  • A few drinks at social events
  • Wire fees and other overhead
  • A few extras

In the spirit of open source and hacking, you can see exactly where your money goes in the spreadsheet above. It’s not possible to customize the package.

Everyone is donating time to plan, organize and host the event. We will likely operate at a loss. No group or other discounts are possible. However, we will take extra money if you’d like to sponsor the event and help defray costs!

The workshop is a package deal, it’s not possible to pay for only one event. We don’t mind if you want to pay the full cost and attend only the events you like though.

Market tour only

Response to the workshop has been overwhelming. There’s not really any extra room on the market tours, so we ask for a $100 deposit/fee if you’d like to attend the tour only. The fee will be used to buy things during the tour and keep the vendors happy.

Please observe proper market behavior. Cameras are a complication…some of the “better” spots are very dicey about cameras and security guards will come and watch you delete photos from your camera if they catch you. Absolutely no big honking totally unsubtle SLRs. Vendors get really nervous when they have a dozen white guys with cameras crowding around them taking pictures of their iPhone parts.

See you in April!

We’re all looking forward to meeting you in April. Check back for updates, and we’ll have live coverage of the Hacker Camp and Maker Faire from Shenzhen, China.

Via Hacker Camp Shenzhen mini-site: Hacker Camp Shenzhen 2014 registration open

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11 Responses to “Hacker Camp Shenzhen 2014 registration open”

  1. Anthony May says:

    Having read Akiba’s ‘Shenzen 2013’ tour write-up a year ago, I’d love to do a similar kind of tour, not necessarily as long as that, but one that at least visits a few CMs, injection moulding shops, packaging, etc. When you consider the cost of an airfare to China/HK from most places, <$300 is a trivial cost. I'd be *happy* to pay $500-1000 for a tour of similar style, if not length, as the 'Shenzen 2013'/MIT Media Lab tour a year ago. And I don't need to you add the word 'hack' to the tour to be attracted to the idea. My motivation for going on a tour like I've suggested is to get a better idea of what's available & possible in Shenzen, to increase my worth as an electronics designer to my clients, assisting with their DfM, etc. Is anyone else doing these kinds of tours?

    • Ian says:

      Not that I know of. It’s a huge effort to organize, and its a huge toll on the factories to have visitors like that. I understand the MIT tour isn’t happening again this year out of consideration to interfering with the factory operations.

    • James Hendry says:

      Its a good point, but you have to consider that Shenzhen is open at SEG 10am to 6pm,no lunch, Other markets close from 7-9 and all other shops are open till 10. In the heat you may enjoy the rest.

  2. hardcorefs says:

    Actually with the ‘right’ contacts it is not that difficult to do…..

  3. Anthony May says:

    I understand having a tour group enter businesses is disruptive, of course, but I also got the impression from Akiba’s write-up that, so long as it’s organised well and conducted as efficiently as possible to minimise the impact of each site visit, such visits have a two-way benefit, lowering the barriers & misunderstandings that have created a gulf between electronics designers & electronics/product manufacturers for decades? Dragon Innovation have turned the bridging of this gulf into a business.

    I applaud the Hacker Camp Shenzen 2014 initiative, & maybe i’m just not the target market, but having 2 of the 3 afternoons dedicated to learning to hand solder QFNs/BGAs/etc doesn’t seem like the best use of an international airfare, unless there were also at least a few CM/factory visits where engineers can get a real feel for the capabilities & constraints & flexibility of the Shenzen CM & injection moulding & packaging ecosystem.

    • Ian says:

      There’s definitely room for more tours/camps in Shenzhen, this place is amazing. Our workshop came about because a couple organizers were interested in the soldering school and we thought other people might be too.

      Akiba and I were hanging out in front of the Family Mart outside Department H in Tokyo drinking tall-boys through a straw. I said it would be nice to do a group market tour and charge a bit with all funds going to buy everybody stuff to keep the vendors happy. Akiba mentioned that there was an advanced soldering workshop he and Tully at Samurai Circuits had checked out some time back. We decided to toss it all together with some talks before Maker Faire Shenzhen when lots of hackers are in town anyways. There’s definitely way more to explore in Shenzhen than the little thing we tossed together mostly for ourselves :)

  4. hardcorefs says:

    Once you get more than 2 people together on a group tour, you start getting dissension about what is offered.

    That said the translator is ‘pulling your leg’ on the costing, a top of the line professional translator would cost about 700-1,000RMB a DAY!!!
    There are several ‘young ladies’ who operate outside of SEG who would do it for the price of lunch, on the off chance they could pick up some business contacts/opportunity to coordinate some shipping.

    To a certain degree hanging about Apple suppliers/Hua Wei.. is NOT the way to educate engineers unless they will be working for top of the line companies later.
    Seat of the pants manufacturing with bare minimum resources, rather than visiting a tampax factory, so that the visitors could see the absolute ‘best’ and ‘worst’ manufacturing that people can get way with.
    Then make a judgement about where their target manufacturer lies between those two extremes.

    • Ian says:

      I’ve found that professional translators (not the pretty kind you sleep with) are about 300RMB per hour :) That’s for a western educated, flawless English speaker. That said, Jin is an organizer too and is basically donating his time. He’s done all the Chinese language stuff: arranging of the school, hotels, and workshop rooms. He’ll spend a week at the school before hand to learn all the terms and prepare solid translations too, then do 6 hours of translation for a group of 30. He’ll probably help everyone buy goodies on the market tour too. He wanted to do it for free, but I insisted on at least paying for the translating time.

      • James Hendry says:

        I stood behind a free translator one day the shop said 200, she said 250 haha. There is also a points system were the translator gets a commission in certain places.

      • TomK says:

        Thanks Ian, stuff like this is priceless – it is important he gets paid, I hope he likes to drink….

  5. hardcorefs says:

    There is a LOT of corruption with ‘translators’ there are other ‘fiddles’ that go on.
    I have even seen it with professionally hired translators for large companies.
    It is a problem I had to deal with when managing a large purchasing office in China, that and about 20 other forms of corruption, fires,theft,electrocutions, suicides……. and the biggest corruption of all “ethical auditing”

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