RTLAMR: an RTL-SDR receiver for 900 MHz smart meters

Posted on Saturday, February 15th, 2014 in digital radio data, hacks, SDR, wireless by the machinegeek

It never ceases to amaze how many projects are developed making use of the RTL-SDR dongle. Bemasher has developed a software tool which interprets the signals in the 900 MHz ISM band sent from smart electric meters which are growing in popularity among utility companies.

This project is a proof of concept software defined radio receiver for these messages. We make use of an inexpensive RTL-SDR dongle to allow users to non-invasively record and analyze the commodity consumption of their household.

Currently the only known supported and tested meter is the Itron C1SR. However, the protocol is designed to be useful for several different commodities and should be capable of receiving messages from any ERT capable smart meter.

Project information can be found on Bemasher’s site. The code is available on GitHub.


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  1. I’m absolutely intrigued by projects like these. I’m ashamed I don’t know a lot about wireless communication. Where would one go to learn more about these kinds of things?

    – Nick

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