Saturn – Another attempt to make open source Spartan 6 FPGA board with DDR SDRAM

Posted on Wednesday, December 18th, 2013 in open source by DP


Tom of Numato Lab writes:

We made a failed attempt to design and build a FPGA development board with DDR SDRAM last year. But this year we tried again and successfully built and tested a Spartan 6 FPGA board with DDR SDRAM. This board was built using KiCad and other open source tools. And best of all, this design is 100% open source as well.

More details about the board and links to downloadable design files at

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6 Responses to “Saturn – Another attempt to make open source Spartan 6 FPGA board with DDR SDRAM”

  1. Rubi says:

    Nice !

    I would love to put my soldering / reflow skills to the (ultimate) test with one of these bga boards. I am afraid tough these boards are multilayer boards which would make low volume maturing expensive.

    Anyhow, very nice board, kudos!

  2. ast says:

    Neat. Too bad the chip will still force you into legacy tools.

  3. Alan says:

    That’s a lot of free pins for personal use. Nice!
    I could use something “gruntier” than an LX-9. Maybe the next iteration of the board…

    • Tom says:

      The board is designed to accommodate LX9, LX16, LX25 and LX45. We are planning to roll out LX16, LX25 and LX45 soon. LX16 should be available in less than a week or so.

  4. Andrea says:

    Tom, that’s a cute board for sure..

    with regard to “bigger” version, i see in the Spartan data sheet that the CSD324 can accomodate also the “T” version of the SP6, at least in the version SP6LX25T and SP6LX45T:

    are you planning to release a T version of the board?

    the differential matched wires would be pretty useful for high bandwidth links.

    do you have eventually an idea of the retail price of the SP6LX25T release?

    great toy, guys!!

    PS i tried to post a comment on the proper forum, but i see it’s under serious spam fire.. ;-)

    • Tom says:

      Thanks Andrea, though LXT series is available in CSG324 package, I’m not sure if they are 100% pin compatible with LX series devices. I’ll take a second look at LXT series for sure. Since we haven’t considered LXT series for Saturn, we don’t have any accurate price estimation available right now. But if it ever comes out, I would expect the price to be somewhere near $150.

      The forum has become a target to spammers these days. We are working on some fixes right now.


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