No-connector AVR programming

Posted on Friday, December 13th, 2013 in AVR, how-to by DP


Steve writes:

Here’s a handy trick I developed while searching for ways to reduce the cost and assembly time of Floppy Emu boards. The board has space for a 3 x 2 shrouded IDC header, where the AVR ISP cable should connect. But that connection is only needed once, the first time the AVR is programmed – all future software updates are loaded from the SD card using the bootloader. So why waste 75 cents and 30 seconds of soldering on a part that’s only ever going to be used once? It’s a small saving, I admit, but those savings add up.

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4 Responses to “No-connector AVR programming”

  1. John M says:

    “A handy trick you developed”? Surely you must be kidding, right? Not populating the ICSP connector on a target board is something that I and many others have done for years! This is really a very common technique! Anyway, thanks for the chuckle, and keep “developing”!!!

  2. Taniwha says:

    I like the tag-connect connectors for the same reason and the no-legs pad layout is tiny compared to a normal .1 inch header

  3. Dick Cappels says:

    Lots of things are invented multiple times. The fact that this has been done in the past does not diminish Steve’s creativity and development. Disparaging comments are hardly conducive to others to share their developments.

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