Giveaway: Circuit patterns trading cards

Posted on Thursday, November 7th, 2013 in contest by DP


Nick Johnson over at Arachnid Labs wants to giveaway a few decks of circuit patterns trading cards.   Each card has a schematic and short description of a common circuit pattern in electronics. Topics covered include digital, analog, and power electronics.

He’ll give these away to 3 random commenters, just leave a comment on this post with a circuit pattern you’d like to see explained on a card and win a deck!

For more information visit the project’s site -Arachnid Labs. It’s also up on Tindie.

Here’s a few example cards. The ubiquitous resistor divider, of course:


capacitative voltage doubler, from power electronics:


If digital’s more your style, there’s the SR latch:


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102 Responses to “Giveaway: Circuit patterns trading cards”

  1. John says:

    I would like to see oscillators explained. I know basically how they work but don’t always remember the math behind them.

  2. Nicholas D'Annunzio says:

    I really want this deck, I can’t decide what circuit pattern I would like on a card but I’ll definitely create some rules to play with them!

  3. Simon Ball says:

    Ooh – great idea! A simple high and low pass filter would be good. I’m always getting those the wrong way round for some reason! :o/

  4. James says:

    I’d like to see a buck boost converter circuit.

  5. Santosh says:

    Any opamp circuit will do. :)


  6. WallaceIT says:

    I’d like to see simple discrete low/high/band-pass filters!

  7. Tim Bayley says:

    A diode ladder filter would be nice!

  8. Rahul Kar says:

    voltage doubler

  9. Marcin says:

    Great deck! Love to have it.
    Would be nice to see some 555 timer circuits.
    And maybe different configurations of opamps.

  10. Mike Parks says:

    Would like to see some audio amplifier circuits, maybe some RF circuits for basic AM radios.

  11. hli says:

    They look really nice. Handy for all the stuff I forget regularly…

  12. Axiom says:


  13. Brad Voth says:

    Damn cool stuff. Learning some electronics with my 7 yr old son, he’d love these!

  14. manos says:

    Power to the circuits, let the matches begin!!!

  15. Melon says:

    Push-pull and open drain comparision

  16. pspgeek says:

    simple (BJT, zener) voltage regulator

  17. Andreas says:

    Thats quite a neat idea, now I just need to figure out how to turn this into an actual game :)

  18. Devtty says:

    Very nice
    Logic gates have always been my pet peeve …
    Oh i would love to have it that’s would be Christmas before Christmas …
    Thank you very much for the challenge

  19. ednspace says:

    Love the design of these cards and the idea. I keep a “little black book” with circuits like these. Quick to visualize and infinitely useful, its a great reference. I’d like to see a voltage reference based around a reference diode and a pot. Its a cheap, easy to build circuit, that has lots of uses in analog electronics.

  20. Noy says:

    The ZCS Network in half wave circuit from an Buck Converter, with detailed Formulas.

  21. João Paulo says:

    Differential pair

  22. Chuckt says:

    How do you play? Just kidding. They look very cool.

  23. Louis says:

    Filters, all kinds

  24. Piotr says:

    Great idea!
    I would like to see some examples of logic level conversion circuits.

  25. Jonathan says:

    sensor latching circuit

  26. Pin says:

    I wood like to see a logic level converter bi directional for i2c 5 to 3.3 volt

  27. Zdravko says:

    Great idea! I’d like to see voltage regulator patterns.

  28. Juha says:

    EMI Pi filters

  29. Jeremy says:

    Filters, basic 555 and opamps configurations, and maybe some theory behind transformers or a rectifier.

  30. Cool design and great idea!!! Basics with op amps (inverter, non-inverter, sum,…) I always forget the right config!!!

  31. Rik says:

    The classic shunt voltage regulator:
    Or the use of decoupling caps, that would be really handy for beginners.

  32. Joe says:

    Zero-crossing detector

  33. Kevin says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a Colpitts Transistor Crystal Oscillator circuit

  34. Tobias Einarsson says:

    I would like to have all varieties of RC-filters explained + formulas.

  35. Romek says:

    I also think there should be different Filters.

  36. udif says:

    A full wave rectifier is such a basic circuit that I think it should be listed here.
    Another nice one would be an R/2R D/A converter

  37. Kevin says:


  38. jack says:

    Various op amp circuits and filters

  39. Nathan says:

    These are pretty awesome. Being new to the electrical world, they’ll help me out a lot. I’m going to pick up a set whether I win or not. If I do win, I’ll take the set to school and leave them in the lab.

  40. I also would like a few oscillators :)

  41. Baptiste says:

    Why not some Arduino pinouts?
    Or voltage regulators explained like the LM317.

  42. Sander Baten says:

    PWM > DC Using OpAmps or a RC Filter, R/2R ladder, Simple Transistor circuits with the matching formulas.
    Nice idea!

  43. Tom says:

    I’d like to see discrete component voltage level converter circuits like

  44. Tibor Herman says:

    I’d like to see the current mirror!

  45. I’d like some simple audio circuits: mic pre-amp, low- / high- / band-pass filters. Maybe a digital counter?

  46. Owen says:

    Ooh, those look very nice.

  47. Giuseppe says:

    Switching regulators

  48. Alin Micu says:

    Very nice idea!

  49. Scott harden says:

    So clever! I want =D

  50. Marcello says:

    Constant current application of LM317.

  51. SaakNeMah says:

    Transistor Cascode, one of the most underappreciated uses of a transistor.

  52. mh says:

    The answer is obvious: a Blinking led

  53. Sophia says:

    Hey, you could design a Forrest Mims card game! So love these reminds me of many hours as kid spent over a breadboard with a homemade logic probe.

  54. Chris says:

    Brilliant idea – all we need to do now is turn it into a Top Trumps game!

    If not already included, I’d ensure that all the “standard” op-amp circuits are included and basic RC and LC filters.

  55. Byron says:

    I’d like to see a filter circuit. Either a low pass, band pass or high pass.

  56. Luca Schenato says:

    A must have!!!!

  57. Minder says:

    A current mirror card would be nice!

  58. Douglas Tripple says:

    How about lm317 regulator

  59. Dan Ringer says:

    My favorite and first circuit the 555 timer in an Atari punk console!

  60. Nice! I’d like the some OpAmp based circuits (comparator, adder).

  61. Steven says:

    Pull-up/Pull-down resistor for a switch, super simple, but oh-so-usefull!

  62. N'Gonka says:

    Maybe a circuit to measure Power with an Opamp.

  63. Chris Combs says:

    555-based delay-off circuit. that’d be great!

  64. Matthias says:

    What a great idea. What a easy way to learn some new stuff. I love it. I am at beginner level. Where can I buy this?

  65. Darren says:

    How about a tri-state buffer?

  66. Creyton Grein says:

    Any circuit related to EEG…

  67. Bryan says:

    I’d love a set. Maybe using someone like drive-thru-cards and their print on demand to cut the cost down. $20 for a set of cards (after shipping) just cuts a bit high for me.

  68. Leander says:

    HF amplifier !

  69. MatQ_07 says:

    Nice idea !

    I’d like to see more logic related patterns such as various antibounce or a simple schotky diode ESD protection like this one which is so often forgotten in hobbyists projects.

  70. Chris Molloy says:

    How about the 555 timer?

  71. The standard npn /pnp push pull Audio Amplifier stage

  72. The RC snubber circuit

  73. Brett says:

    I make random comments !

  74. Brett says:

    I make random Comments !
    I would want more logic circuits ! (sorry for the duplicate, pebcak!)

  75. 555 timer circuits and an H-bridge.

  76. Chris says:

    Now this would make for a fun game with the wife! Get your geek on!

  77. hexphreak says:

    What about a CMOS transmission gate?

  78. Daniel says:

    Transimpedance amplifier with offset and gain ( like the ones used for photodiodes or strain guages)

  79. Marius says:

    Buck and boost converters

  80. Gus says:

    I’d love to see some RF/signal cards:
    – Basic transmission circuits: AM/FM; antena length; power;
    – Signal reflection / terminal resistor;
    – Digital transmission: ASK/FSK/PSK – analog circuitry to feed decoder specific IC;
    (I think you can have a whole dec color only for this).

  81. Sleepwalker3 says:


  82. Jochen says:

    transimpedance amplifier would be great!

  83. Grubi says:

    Boolean algebra :)

  84. WOW these are amazing! What an wonderful idea

  85. Jason says:

    Since I have a digital background, any basic FET or OPAMP designs would be great!

  86. collin says:

    I would like to see an h-bridge explained

  87. Danijel says:

    haha this look awesome, hope I’m not too late.

  88. Robert says:

    parallel shift register applications. PWM. This are awesome if I don’t get them I would buy them anyway.

  89. Kelvin says:

    A category for RF circuits
    1) different receiver architectures
    2) transmitters
    3) filters
    4) oscillators
    5) synthesizers

    Another category for measurement circuits
    1) voltage measurements
    2) current measurement
    3) LCR meter design
    4) frequency measurement

  90. lebeno says:

    I would like to see transistor bias explained.

  91. Doug Peterson says:

    Very nice.

  92. Dan Aldrich says:

    Very good idea.
    Clamping diode protection circuit, differential amplifier, high/low/bandpass filter.

  93. Daniel says:

    Cool idea! A transimpedance amplifier for a photodiode would be great.

  94. bdub says:

    Great idea! Simple Touch Sensitive Switch Circuit.

  95. Prasinos says:

    Despite the danger of sounding like a newbie, I’m still confused by op-amps. So any cards with these beasties are great.

  96. thorbear says:

    I would like to see an RS-485 circuit.

  97. cidtrips says:

    Neat concept. How about an “Ideal diode” circuit?

  98. akwmak says:

    Great idea. Hope you could get the cost down and design more cards.

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