Giveaway: TraId kits – Transistor type & pinout identifier


Mats has amazed us with his board a week projects, and now one of them could be yours!  Today Mats is giving away three TraId kits – Transistor type & pinout identifier.  All parts included except for a CR2032 battery that needs to be sourced locally due to postage regulations:

TraId is a really low cost version of the Part Ninja. It’s made to only identify the pinout and type (NPN/PNP) of a transistor and display the results on eight LEDs. Currently the firmware only handles BJTs but I think FETs should be possible as well.

He’ll give these away to 3 random commenters, just leave a comment on this post.

Firmware and other files can be found on Github.  For more information visit the project’s Tindie site.


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  1. Nice Project!

    They should ask students to make this kind of project in college.

    Good way to learn more about analog and digital electronic.

  2. This is perfect for my student helpers to identify pin outs on a drawer full of transistors they use for breadboard projects. The transistor pin out is their biggest obstacle and they are always getting it wrong!

    1. I think it will be able to handle mosfets correctly, but I haven’t actually written any firmware for it yet. Hope to have it done before sending out the boards to the winners in a day or two.

    1. Well…. They work for low Vgs N-Channel FETs like 2n7000 and IRF540. I haven’t implemented P-channel yet in the firmware because I couldn’t find any in my parts bin.

      Since this is just a prototype and a test I labelled the PCB in the hopes that I might get FETs to work as well. It would be rather annoying to get it working and not have the labels :-)

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