Giveaway: Three “BB Prince” kits

BB-Prince KIT

Mats has amazed us with his board a week projects, and now one of them could be yours!  Today Mats is giving away three “BB Prince” kits.  It’s a small utility board for your breadboard that have some of the most common things you need when building a microcontroller-based project on the breadboard.

He’ll give these away to 3 random commenters, just leave a comment on this post.

For more information visit the project’s Tindie site.

BB-Prince Soldered1

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  1. This looks neat and handy for prototyping. Please add one to my workbench! Thank you! =)

  2. Hi Mats;
    very nice.
    Maybe make one of the LED’s active low?
    That way it is more universal.

    Mick M
    (new newbie)

  3. I love the simplicity and functionality of this idea; wish I had come up with it myself!

  4. I guess it can be a time saver when prototyping on a breadboard. Nice idea!

  5. I ordered some USB breakout boards. I like those for the two rows of pins which allow me to connect my logic analyzer to sniff the USB traffic.

    I can’t wait for the SMD adapters to be back in stock and the release of additional kits!

  6. Sorry for the double post but please ignore me for the giveaway. I hardly use breadboards for micro controller projects these days but usually get ready made dev kits. I don’t want to take away from someone who’d really find this thing useful.

    I think offering this as an SMD kit might be a nice idea. It’s easy enough to put together and could be a great learning experience. A newb version that comes with 2x pcb, flux and 3x all components might also be something to think about ;)

    1. @Xykon, good idea with a SMD version of the BB Prince, I have to call that BB Prince Jr. then….

      If the my prototypes, that are at the fab right now, turns out ok I’ll actually release two small learn-to-solder-smd -kits soon. (Both with extremely custom shaped pcbs. You’ll see soon :-)

  7. Just received mine today :-) YAY! I’ll post some pictures later today. Anyone else receive theirs??

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