Free PCB Sunday: Pick your PCB

Posted on Sunday, June 23rd, 2013 in Free PCBs by DP

Ethernet LED driver

We go through a lot of prototype PCBs, and end up with lots of extras that we’ll never use. Every Sunday we give away a few PCBs from one of our past or future projects, or a related prototype. Our PCBs are made through Seeed Studio’s Fusion board service.

This week two random commenters will get a coupon code for the free PCB drawer tomorrow morning. Pick your own PCB.

You get unlimited free PCBs now – finish one and we’ll send you another!

Don’t forget there’s free PCBs three times every week:

Some stuff:

  • Yes, we’ll mail it anywhere in the world!
  • Be sure to use a real e-mail in the address field so we can contact you with the coupon.
  • Limit one PCB per address per month please.
  • Like everything else on this site, PCBs are offered without warranty.
  • PCBs are scrap and have no value, due to limited supply it is not possible to replace a board lost in the post

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94 Responses to “Free PCB Sunday: Pick your PCB”

  1. Jan / Schwarz-Brot says:


  2. Carl says:


  3. David Bley says:

    It would be good to build an electronic project for a change.

  4. dario says:

    Hope to get one…

  5. Nick says:

    Moar things to build!

  6. CVBruce says:

    I’m in

  7. Collin says:

    Free pcbs

  8. Hades says:

    Try Try Try !!!

  9. Delillusions says:

    Maybe this time I can get one!

  10. cycl3 says:

    Increasing my chance and decreasing yours :)

  11. wavo wig says:


  12. Ihor says:

    my rnd comment

  13. Jose says:

    This would be great

  14. pspgeek says:


  15. Jeanmarc78 says:

    An other try … as i need at least a second coupon because there is currently no available free PCB for 1 coupon in the drawer

  16. Cody says:

    Right here

  17. Andrew Danich says:


  18. Erll says:

    I would love the opportunity to do a random pcb

  19. Arnd says:

    Another Sunday chance…

  20. Mac Ha says:

    Trying again – am I doing something wrong?

  21. Bryan says:

    I want in!

  22. Xark says:

    Dr. Plummet’s House of Flux!

  23. FourthDr says:

    Happy Free PCB day!

  24. Carlos says:

    I’d love to build a free PCB!

  25. SaakNeMah says:


  26. Goligo says:

    I would like a PCB :)

  27. JohnT says:

    I haven’t tried in a while so maybe this time will be lucky

  28. Thomas says:

    Yes please, I do want one…

  29. Joseph Lutz says:

    PCB random comment

  30. Göran says:

    Yes please!

  31. Crawford says:

    Titanium Spork!

  32. brian says:

    beep boop

  33. Maxigraf says:

    I’ll take one, thanks :)

  34. Xykon says:

    Hopefully there will be a new project soon…

  35. Brent Bolen says:

    The NSA says I’ll win this time.

  36. Steve says:

    I’ll take one. Thanks!

  37. soldering_pcb says:

    I would like a pcb!!

  38. Rob says:


  39. tduehr says:

    return 4;

  40. Stephen says:

    Me, please.

  41. Ryan says:

    Free PCB for me!

  42. Kurt says:

    Oh yes ….. Again

  43. Eric says:

    will this be the week?

  44. Silospen says:


  45. Noy says:


  46. Alex says:

    Another one bites the dust.

  47. Kai says:

    “We go through a lot of prototype PCBs, and end up with lots of extras that we’ll never use. Every Sunday we give away a few PCBs from one of our past or future projects, or a related prototype.”

  48. Bruce says:

    yes please

  49. Michael says:


  50. Hans B PUFAL says:

    Another Sunday PCB giveaway….

  51. Juan Felix Mateos says:

    truing again

  52. Daniel says:

    me me me me

  53. Andrea says:

    Hi there! I would one, please. :-)

  54. Stephan Buchholz says:

    oh poo weekends all most over

  55. Jenn says:

    Sheldon… Sheldon… Sheldon…

  56. Mac Bandit says:


  57. valakee says:

    pick me, pick me…

  58. Bill says:

    Hoping for a free PCB

  59. Admir says:

    Me please!

  60. Oliver LC says:

    Could do with a project for the summer…

  61. Blars says:

    Summer Solstice weekend

  62. welt says:

    I am not too late.. am I?

  63. Tony Sanislo says:

    These are cool.

  64. Brett P says:

    #82 today, and quite late. Mustn’t be as popular at the moment? Or everyone is on holidays?

  65. j says:

    i must keep trying

  66. J Doty says:

    A free PCB would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

  67. Richard Perritt says:

    It’s Sunday once again so…

    Once more into the breach….

  68. Steve Murphy says:


  69. Richard Wurdack says:

    Gerbil hammy saphron roller

  70. Justin Hayes says:

    Pick me! Pick me! :D

  71. Prashanth Ragothaman says:


  72. ElektroQuark says:

    Trying another one.

  73. Grant Tudor says:

    Another try

  74. Arkadiy says:

    Pick me!

  75. surely ill find good use for this and i havnt won nothing online before hint hint lol

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