App note: USB High speed device mass storage on SD/MMC card with optional AES

Posted on Sunday, April 28th, 2013 in app notes by DP


Here’s an application note from Atmel:  USB High speed device mass storage on SD/MMC card with optional AES (PDF!)

This application note is a description of a USB Mass Storage device, using High Speed USB for communication and a SD/MMC-card for storage. By default the code is compiled to run at the EVK1104 reference design board with the AT32UC3A3. This document contains a high-level description of the source code following the application note, including description of the USB and SD/MMC stacks and performance measurements for different configurations.

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3 Responses to “App note: USB High speed device mass storage on SD/MMC card with optional AES”

  1. Leonard Goodwin II says:

    Sweet piece of hardware. What applications do you envision for it? Would really like to know what you think out there. That means you and anyone else who reads this comment. I really want ta know.

  2. Drone says:

    That EVK1104 board is $185 USD. Ouch…

  3. Destate9 says:

    Dang, that is hot. It seems like I’m seeing more and more of those touch sensitive areas on dev boards these days. How would one go about designing one of those into a custom board? Is it just two planes?

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