STM32F4 debug board v1.0 Rev2


TitanMKD posted an update to his STM32F4 based debug board we covered previously:

 This board is intended to be used as a portable multi-purpose debug/hack tool with very fast peripherals and MCU and use standard Dangerous Prototypes Sick Of Beige DP6037 case format
A full open source firmware is planned using chibios and like Bus Pirate v3/4 user interface through serial terminal using the microUSB connector (the development of firmware will be during 2014 as i’m very busy to finish other projects).
The new revision v1.0 Rev2 fix routing problem and add a new feature a 2nd micro USB connector, which can be used as USB OTG FS DFU (device firmware upgrade) to avoid requirement of a JTAG probe for programming the firmware.
Depending on feedback this board could be connected to any Android phone/tablet (through microUSB connector) for portable usage to debug/hack electronic stuff everywhere.

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