Workshop Update for April 10th, 2013

Posted on Wednesday, April 10th, 2013 in Workshop Update by DP


We’re are looking into tools for gerber paneling to further reduce the cost of prototype PCBs. We continue working on the Bus Pirate documentation, and have sent out the bill of materials for a quote. QFN breakout boards are finalized.

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6 Responses to “Workshop Update for April 10th, 2013”

  1. Sujit says:

    You mean gerber panelizing!

  2. Gege2B says:


    I used gerbmerge some months ago, with gerbersfrom KiCAD, and it worked fine (except an incompatibility with the “mask silkscreen on pad” – Sorry, I dont know the exact english label – option in KiCad, wich must be unchecked).

    Anyway, this is a command line tool, and his configuration file is not so simple, but I find it very useful

  3. vimark says:

    Thanks Gege2B, I’m trying gerbmerge now.

  4. Gerbmerge works well, but its configuration file parser is… primitive. For example, tabs in the .def file will cause the parser to fail with no clear error message. I use it, because once you get used to its quirks, it’s a fast and straightforward to maintain a consistent panelization even when you change elements of the underlying design. The has enabled me to reduce the cost of some revisions by re-using the stencil.

  5. Gege2B says:

    I’ve never seen this bug, but I know there is a patch to apply, depending on what you want to do with. Searching the web for “gerbmerge patch” will give you all informations needed.

    But I agree, once it is well configured/patched/”workarounded”, this tool simply rocks

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