App note: Moisture tolerant QTouch design

Posted on Sunday, March 24th, 2013 in app notes by DP


This application note describes the techniques to mitigate the issues caused
by moisture in QTouch designs. (PDF!)”

The basic conductive nature of water poses a great challenge to capacitive touch technology. This is aggravated by the
varying salinity of water and the presence of impurities. Water accumulation can occur in a variety of unpredictable
ways, thereby making it even more difficult to handle.
However, after careful study and experimentation, several innovative techniques have been developed to mitigate the
effects of moisture to a great extent. The design recommendations mentioned in this application note will enable the
QTouch design to behave more robustly in moisture conditions. Thus expanding the range of applications in which
Atmel QTouch Technology can be implemented.

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  1. anonymous says:

    As always a great read. You’ve been posting a lot of capacitive touch app notes. Are you planning a capacitive touch sensing board/application?

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