CMU students organize high school hacking competition

Students from CMU will conduct a high school hacking competition from April 26th 2013 – May 6th 2013. The competition is the work of Toaster Wars, a collaboration of the Plaid Parliament of Pwning (PPP) of Cylab and Osiris of the Entertainment Technology Center, both student-run groups at CMU. The project has received sponsorship from the NSA.

The Toaster Wars crew says, “The competition is open to middle school and high school students from the United States. Teams may be composed of 5 or fewer students and must be associated with both a teacher and an academic institution. Multiple teams are allowed to sign up from the same school and with the same advisor. You don’t need to already be a hacker to play; we’ll teach you what you need to know.”

For more details and to register visit picoCTF.

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  1. Normally, those script tags would come in handy if you were trying javascript injection… Alas, you appear to be missing them.

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