Workshop Update for March 5th, 2013

Posted on Tuesday, March 5th, 2013 in 3D Model by DP


Filed Biennual report for our Iowa 489 LLC. If you organized before us in Iowa (section 490 LLC) then your report is due on even years instead. See you again in 2015 Secretary of State!

Grilled PayPal on why we can’t make instant transfers to sub-accounts (student accounts) when traveling or from a mobile device. No great answer but obviously some stupid IP-based security thing.

Much like Adafruit a few years ago, we’re taking a stab at the Common Language. Serious daily lesson start this week. Will try not to annoy you with it too much, but watch out for lessons on component names and symbols in Mandarine.

Updated 2013 travel logs. Applied to Maker Faire San Francisco and Shenzhen. Tax prep. Look for a post on how we filed US federal taxes as a multi-member LLC.

Met about business residency permit for Japan.

Tested latest ULP board export for TM220A, still some work to do.

The last of the Bus Pirate Edu Kit exercises are modeled.

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  1. Zac says:

    Orange you glad you are learning a language

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