DIY PicKit2 clone


Drjeseuss built a PicKit2 clone:

After completing the build, I programmed the PIC18F2550 with the PicKit2 firmware using a JDM pin wiggler. I connected to the PicKit2 Clone using both the MPLab IDE, and the dedicated PicKit2 application. Both connected to the unit properly. I loaded up the bootloader hex for the BPv4.0c. I then connected the PK2 to my BPv4.0c through the ICSP header and programmed the bootloader. It worked on the first try! Success!

Via the forum.

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  1. Microchip generally has a sale on their tools at the end of the year and if you know of anyone going to Masters, tools can be purchased at a substantial discount there.

  2. “Overall, while very messy, this was an easy build…”

    What ever happened to wire-wrap. Cheap easy fast… Especially easy to modify. Maybe I’m showing my age.

    1. Wire wrap was, and is, easy and relatively fast but it was never cheap. Many decades ago I was a software guy that got “drafted” by management into fabricating wire-wrap prototypes. I became quite skilled with both the electric guns and hand wrap tools. I look at it as a kind of higher quality breadboarding. The sockets were always hellishly expensive, and with the move to surface mount the whole technique has been marginalized. Now a-days you can laser print a first version protoboard and etch at home with the same layout and surface mount components that will be on the final board. double win.

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