Workshop Update for February 22nd, 2013

Posted on Friday, February 22nd, 2013 in Workshop Update by DP


We designed Bus Pirate Edu kit label mock-up and tested the latest placement export ULP for the pick and place. Arachnid Lab’s group buy of the Stencil8 solder paste stencil system has arrived.

The Bus Pirate Edu kit 3d models are done, and 3 exercises are ready for rendering.

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6 Responses to “Workshop Update for February 22nd, 2013”

  1. TJ Style says:

    Will available for BP3 and BP4?

  2. Xykon says:

    The first kit will contain a BPv3.

  3. voidptr says:

    so did you finally read my comments and add an inverter 74hc04 to your package ? :o)

  4. Xykon says:

    From the looks of it the project has advanced beyond the point of adding additional components.

    Personally I don’t see how the educational kit could benefit from a simple inverter… what kind of experiments do you see people doing with it other than switching an LED on/off? I also don’t see how any of the experiments for which the kit has been designed require output inversion.

    • voidptr says:

      Of course you can include whatever you what :o)

      In my noob world alot of signal are still inverted !
      I still stumped on some last week again , another good old ttl rs-232 … with inverted signals ….

      I open long time ago a new feature request to have the option to choose the polarity of the signal pins outputting the buspirate see here and there :

      but it seems that is pretty complicated to do :-/

      So having an inverter included could be useful to someone exploring things …. maybe some noob who don’t have some handy will appreciate that …

      Anyways it is just what I thought … I have inverters here when I need some and I dont really need them to flash some leds …. ( well with a smith trigger version you can in fact make a silly osillator but this is out of the subject ) …


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