ATX breakout board V1.2

Posted on Monday, February 18th, 2013 in ATX BB by DP


Crenn tweeted a picture of his ATX breakout board v1.2 power supply:

Got a @dangerousproto ATX Breakout Board V1.2. Hooked it up to a cheap chinese powersupply to test it out!

You can get one for $14 at Seeed Studio.

You can also get a Sick of Beige case for your ATX breakout board for $4 at Seeed.

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8 Responses to “ATX breakout board V1.2”

  1. neslekkim says:

    Got this on saturday myself, where can I get the same connectors so I can add for the two that is missing?

  2. neslekkim says:

    Would these be the same connectors?

  3. Crenn says:

    Out of curiousity, have you seen power supplies where the 12V slowly increases to over 13V? I’m wondering if that’s grounds for me to need the Load resistor.

    • Ian says:

      I’ve never noticed it, but could certainly happen. I’d add the load resistor and see what happens. You may also need to load 12volts.

    • Sjaak says:

      AFAIK most psu need a load, either across gnd and 5v or 3v3. All the designs I saw use a power resistor in either line.

  4. Sam Sawyer says:

    I am having trouble getting the power supply to startup after pushing the power switch. The fan turns for a few rotations and the LEDs come on for a few seconds and then go out. I installed the 9 Watt resistor in the proper place on the PCB. I am thinking the power supply needs more of a load to start up properly. Which supply is the provided 9 watt resistor connected to? I don’t recall seeing a schematic for the breakout board.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem?

    Thanks, Sam

  5. Astro Jetson says:

    Pretty happy with the breakout board.

    If you do an upgrade to it, I’d like to suggest a USB connector to power 5 volt devices. There is room on the left side, where your logo is. For example I power my breadboard and it would be nice to power the Bus Pirate at the same time. It may need a cap added to the circuit since the cheaper ATX power supplies have some ripple.

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