Workshop Update for January 9th, 2013

Posted on Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 in Workshop Update by DP


Today we worked on implementing patches to the Bus Pirate that Mrmr was kind enough to contribute in the forum. The two patches fix some issues we had with the frequency measurement function of the Bus Pirate.

The first patch fixes our long integer to string conversion function which added ‘0’ where it shouldn’t have. For example the number 1100000 (1.1M) was converted into 1,0100,000. The patch was applied and tested.

The second patch added a higher resolution method to measuring frequencies lower then 1k. The method uses the input compare hardware peripherals. Unfortunately the V4 and V3 Bus Pirates have different input compare peripherals so some hardware dependent coding was applied. The patch was applied, and is awaiting testing tomorrow.

Both patches were committed to our SVN as of revision 2082. Thanks to Mrmr for his hard work.

We also continued working on the Bus Pirate kit, and have mailed the latest batch of free PCBs.

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  1. Sjaak says:

    Also we decomissioned the old buspirate svn :)

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