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Posted on Monday, December 31st, 2012 in software by DP

A followup to the Component Organizer source code released post:

Another good program for organizing things (not limited to components) is called GcStar

It’s very customizable.  You can add whatever fields and categories you want, pictures of the component, etc.

Thanks Wefwef! Via the comments.

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2 Responses to “GcStar personal collections manager”

  1. Drone says:

    This is an interesting open-source database application written in gtk2-perl.

    If you live in Unix/Linux you should be OK with this, but…

    At my post time the Windows installer is not up to date and a bit buggy (see the download/install info on the GCstar site). This project needs help from someone Windows-savvy w.r.t. the Windows version. See here:

    I would like to see this application support an SQL (SQLite) back-end with GCstar as the remote front end (over SSL/TLS) of-course, which currently seems to be lacking.

    The application supports development of Web scraping plug-ins, but none seem to exist for the likes of Digi-Key, Mouser, Octopart, etc.

    I did see mention of an Android read-only app for GCstar, but need to study further.

    Finally, it is nice to see cross platform development in Perl. Perl is an excellent choice for database front-ends IMHO (vs. the ubiquitous Python these days). The choice of GTK is nice because in Windows you should be able to work with only the GTK executable run-time file installed for basic use and development. You will of-course in WIndows you will need a Perl installation to develop/contribute such as Activestate or Strawberry Perl.

    In Unix/Linux, with KDE, the KDE project has a nice collection database application called Tellico that may be worth a look. I haven’t tried it personally, but it is on my list.

    GCstar is a nice find though – a project worth watching.

  2. Roomi says:

    Like the collection model for electronic components. I want to use it for my parts collection. Can you please post the template ?

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