DP6037 Protoboard v1 PCBs are available at Seeed


A multipurpose 0.1″ pitch prototyping board that fits a DP6037 acrylic case is now available at Seeed Studio. This one is pretty small, just 60mm by 37mm, bigger boards are on the way.

We originally made this board for building up quick and simple reference circuits with through-hole chips, such as the DIP ARM chip (LPC1114FN28) Yoshi gave away at the Open Hardware Summit this year. Usually we toss test boards into a box where they get banged up pretty bad, eventually going in the trash or a big roving part box. Now we slap on a cheap acrylic sandwich case, and the board is protected and usable in the future.

Grab a PCB from Seeed for $2.50

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  1. Does this board and the other protoboards on Seeed have plated through holes? If so, that needs to be mentioned in the description. The garbage boards from Radio Shack don’t and, as a result, the pads lift way too easily on any kind of rework.

      1. Hallelujah! They looked like they were plated through. Unfortunately, right now, I need something bigger like some of the other protoboards for sale at Seeed. Can I assume they are also plated through? BTW, you need to add the fact they are plated through to the description so ignorant people like me who know only the very expensive, but excellent boards we have access to at work, but are used to using the garbage from Radio Shack at home will know this.

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