WARNING: Out of stock free PCBs will be removed from the drawer

Posted on Thursday, December 6th, 2012 in News, PCBs by DP

We would like to warn anyone that ordered free PCBs, that are now out of stock, that they will soon be removed from our free PCB drawer. Download the documentation while the links are still available. Documentation will still be available on our wiki, but it might be more difficult to find.

This comes as preparation for more for-sale PCBs, and even the possibility to purchase free PCB coupons for an absolutely astronomical price.

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13 Responses to “WARNING: Out of stock free PCBs will be removed from the drawer”

  1. Roeland Kindt says:

    Too bad, get back to prototyping ;-) so we can get some new free pcb’s :D

  2. Kris Lee says:

    Are you sure you understand what “astronomical price” means?

  3. Sleepwalker3 says:

    I’m not sure that I follow. Does this mean you’ll be tossing some PCB’s or just that when you run out of stock of non-sale board, that will be that (which I thought was already the case). Or perhaps this means your not having the free PCB drawer anymore?

  4. Nils says:

    I actually support most of this. It means less clutter in the drawer for people looking to see what they use a coupon on, but wouldn’t always let people see what boards were available if they had a specific project in mind. I understand from a financial standpoint that free stuff is hard to make money off of, so the coupons for cash could be a good supplement to giving out some coupons.

  5. Filip says:

    Free PCBs will still be available, we’re just removing the ones that are out of stock, and won’t be restocked. The pay for coupons will just be an add on to the existing system…

  6. Udi says:

    Can’t you simply move them to a “retired” category instead of removing them altogether?
    It will help finding all the related information.

    Seeed and Sparkfun are doing the same with their retired products.

  7. Jay Wilkinson says:

    Glad to see the purchase option finally!

  8. Sleepwalker3 says:

    Ok, I think I get it now. So you’re removing the out of stock ones from the Free PCB Drawer *Web Page*, not from the *physical* free PCB drawer – I was wondering how you were going to remove PCB’s that you didn’t have?!!!

    In that case I certainly agree with the others about shifting it to the “Retired” category, so +1 here too.

    @Jay Wilkinson – You may not say that when you see the “Astronomical price” ! ;)

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