Aud-I/O I2S audio breakout

Bertho is working on a breakout board for the WM8782 I2S ADC and the WM8523 I2S DAC. The boards are intended to be interfaced with an ARM micro-controller.

I am working on a project that requires some real audio and I always wanted to play with I2S (attached to an arm microcontroller). So I decided to design a breakout board with stereo audio input and output(*). It uses a Wolfson ADC WM8782 and a Wolfson DAC WM8523. All configuration pins are available on the SIL headers. The headers are at 2x10x100mil with 700mil spacing, so it should be possible to dump it into a breadboard. The breakout board can be split into a DAC and ADC part, each measuring 21.6mm by 45.1mm.

Check out the project in the forum.

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  1. Looks like it’ll come in handy. Don’t know if you know but Koush has done a lot of awesome work rewriting code on samsung adroid devices, Voodoo Sound app, to unlock the full potential of the Wolfson chip. I bought it the day I rooted the first Galaxy S waiting for a port to my S3 now. He’s usually more than willing to answer questions/help out. Never hurts to know another person.

    1. It is always nice to have input from another person. I do not know which chip is used in the samsung android dev, but it is probably a bit more high-end than the one I had in mind using. Wolfson has a few very advanced chips with a lot of config options. The one in the phone probably has DAC and ADC in the same chip.

      My choice was not to complicate things too much and go for a cheap(er) solution and make it easy to put on a breadboard for fast prototyping. If you need HiFi stuff or a vast config setup, you will need to design the analogue part properly and use more advanced chips, which is rather impossible on a breadboard if you need really high quality.

      At least with a test-setup, you can determine whether you want to continue the I2S way (with all the ups and downs including datasheet errata) and then design a “proper” circuit for your specific needs.

  2. Nice to see this. I was working on an 5.1 audio board, targeted at HQ. ‘Have designed PCB, but didn’t make a prototype yet.
    Realized that I need a HS USB MCU, because 6 channels with 32bit/sample at 96Khz gave me 18.4 Mbps.

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