Congratulations 7400 contest winners email sent

Posted on Monday, November 12th, 2012 in 7400 contest, contest by DP

An email went out to winners a few hours ago. If you didn’t get it please let us know through the contact form. A copy of the email is below.

Congratulations on participating in the Open 7400 Competition, thank you for entering! The complete list of winners is here.

You get to choose your own prize from the amazing selection of hardware donated by the sponsors. We think it’s better to get something you can enjoy and use, rather than getting a random prize. Our sincerest apologies if your favorite prize is not available.

Soon you will receive a special coupon code that can be used to claim a prize at checkout. Everything is completely free, including shipping world wide, but you will need to enter the coupon code during the checkout process.

Prizes will be claimed in phases according to placement:
Monday (12-Nov) – Grand prize winner first pick
Tuesday (13-Nov) – First place winners pick
Wednesday (14-Nov) – Second place winners pick
Thursday (15-Nov) – Third place winners pick

Your coupon code will come in a SECOND email. It should arrive at around 5 – 6 PM Central European Time on your claim date. Use your coupon quickly because it will expire in a few days. Our sincerest apologies if your favorite prize is not available.

Thanks again for entering and making it an amazing contest.

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9 Responses to “Congratulations 7400 contest winners email sent”

  1. jaromir says:

    Beware gmail users – gmail apparently doesn’t like Ian (or dangerousprototypes), as his mail ended in spambox. Be careful especially about the second mail, which is more interesting.

  2. Alex Nelson says:

    Thank you jaromir, or I never would have checked the spam box. It is kind of ironic with how many anti-spam measures Ian has, some things think he is a spammer.

    • Tom Price says:

      It did occur to me to look in my spam box. I get a dozen emails a week telling me I have won a lottery or something and that’s where they all end up. Now if Ian had emailed to say that there was a Russian girl who wanted me to check out her Myspace profile, things might have been different. ;-)

  3. Alex Nelson says:

    Does anybody know what time I should get a second email for fifteenth place? I have school tomorrow.

  4. Tom Price says:

    Today was fun :) Some cats out there are pretty quick on the draw.

    Were there any entries from Australia or Canada, by the way?

    • udif says:

      Yes, considering the mail went out about 15 minutes *before* 5PM, this caught me by surprise.
      All 5 prizes I aimed for, were already taken :-(

  5. oakkar7 says:

    I saw your posts and waited patiently to catch the order. Mail arrived last night 12:50 PM local time. I happily selected Pi. But this evening, another coupon mail is arrived again and my order was canceled.
    Beware man. Some prizes have geographical restriction.
    Udif, as you mention, my aim prizes are already taken :D.

  6. Matseng says:

    Wheee! And booh… My price from Diligent was (almost) delivered to me today. Unfortunately noone could accept the delivery at my place since I’m still in Shenzhen on the Geek Tour. I really hope that the courier company will retry the delivery on Monday when I’m back instead of just tomorrow.

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