WORKSHOP VIDEO: Bangalore SP Road, hackerspace and open hardware manufacturers

This week the Geek Tour of India continues with a two day electronics tour of Bangalore. We visit the local hackerspace, some open hardware manufacturers, and the impressive SP Road electronics market.

We start out at the Jaaga co-work center in central Bangalore, and meet up with 20 readers and forum members. The hackerspace is built entirely from pallet racks, shelves, and recycled materials.

Next, we pile in our trademark free cartoon mystery solving van and head to head to SP Road, Bangalore’s electronics wholesale market. Usually the market is packed with people, but the day of our visit was a holiday so it was a bit quieter. Fortunately it gave us the opportunity to observe the blessing of many pieces of machinery.

SP Road has loads of component shops where you can find anything from reels of surface mounts to open hardware from SparkFun, Arduino, and Seeed. We took a tour of NSK Electronic’s assembly area. Everything, including the surface mount parts, are soldered by hand.

We also had the opportunity to visit two open hardware shops. Tenet Technetronics just celebrated their 5th anniversary, while Protocentral just got started a few months ago.

Finally, we tour Cerebra Tech, a professional PCB assembly line. The eagle eyed may note that the pick and place machines have in fact been blessed, much like the cars in SP Road.

The Bangalore trip was epic! A huge thanks to everyone who joined us on the tour. Next week we head south to Kochi to visit India’s largest open hardware manufacturer.

Don’t miss last week’s visit to Manish Market and Lamington Road in Mumbai, India.

Hey, we tried Creative Commons music this time. It’s something new, sorry if it didn’t work. Here’s the sources:

Maps taken from OpenStreetMap project, using MapQuest open layers.

Next week we’ll have a full writeup and pictorial from Bangalore with better pictures than the live tweets.

Fails list:

  • Cerebra Tech, not Cerebre Tech
  • Sampath at NSK Electronics

Sorry for the fails. They’ll be tweaked in a possible future version.

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  1. Superb coverage! I went to the Bangalore market a few years ago and returned disappointed. I thought the Delhi market (twin market called Lajpat Rai market and Bhagirath Palace) was far far superior. I still think Delhi market is better although Delhi doesn’t have the culture of building electronics stuff like they have in Bangalore..

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