Workshop Update for October 30th, 2012

Sorting video. Videos will be released over three weeks, the first will be Mumbai on Thursday.

Ian registered a new company that will partner with us to retail experimental PCBs, projects, and other stuff too small or random to go into Seeed Studio. Our new partner will take money and ship orders – basically the huge thing we’ve never been able to do. Bank and PayPal accounts were also opened. More on that soon.

Pictured above is a preview of our reworked xQFP breakout boards.

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    1. Thanks! It’s really exciting to start stocking and shipping some random things instead of telling everyone – sorry, we’re not setup to sell stuff! :)

  1. You say: ” other stuff too small or random to go into seeed” I interpret this to mean the catalogue or manifests of boards will be mutually exclusive between the two stores? If so it would be a shame, I prefer one stop shopping with a list accumulated over time to economize shipping. Also where is the physical location?

    Sorry if I am pestering, you sort of invite this with your pre-mature “leaks”!

    1. Sure, I agree that is how I shop too, but for now we’re just looking to answer questions like “Can I buy that PCB?”, or “Can we sell 10 part kits and reasonably expect to sell 100 if we stock them at Seeed?”.

      Our new small-item fulfillment partner, DP West EU Fulfillment (creative I know), is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I will probably also open a DP East HK Fulfillment in Hong Kong in a few weeks after I meet with the local business development people there.

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