Open 7400 prize: RaspberryPI from HubCityLabs

Posted on Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 in 7400 contest, contest by DP

HubCityLabs hackerspace from Moncton,Canada is the latest sponsor of the Open 7400 Competition. Up for grabs is a Raspberry PI for a Canadian entry. This and other prizes could be yours, but only if you get your entry in soon!

Thank you to HubCityLabs for sponsoring the 2012 Open 7400 Logic Competition!

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3 Responses to “Open 7400 prize: RaspberryPI from HubCityLabs”

  1. Bertho says:

    I do find it strange that geographically limited prizes are offered. The competition is a global event and I cannot understand the reasoning behind national(istic) limits.

    Can someone please elaborate on the situation?

    • Matseng says:

      Probably the cost for shipping overseas and the extra time it takes to fill out the export forms…

      • Ian says:

        Yeah, I guess shipping and export concerns. There are 2 or 3 prizes with a geographical restriction this year. This is a Hackerspace so I was just happy to have them involved.

        The prizes will go into the store and people will be able to pick their own prizes in waves, so nobody will get ‘stuck’ with a geo-limited prize they can’t use.

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