Global Geek Tour India 2012 update

Quick update on the India trip happening next week. So far 24 people are meeting up for a tour of wholesale markets, factories, and resellers in India. Our friends on the Oomlout team in the UK, persuaded by a flight in an A380, are joining us on the Bangalore and Kochi legs too.

There’s a big holiday in Bangalore on the 23rd and 24th, so we’ve done some last minute rescheduling. It’ll give us more time in Mumbai, but make it a crunch in Kochi. Check out our Google map layer of the tour here, and the new schedule below.


Monday 22 October

  • Lamington Road wholesale parts markets, electronics markets


Wednesday 24 October

Wednesday is a holiday, so it depends on what we can dig up.

Thursday 25 October

  • SP Road wholesale parts market tour
  • Electronics assembly visits
  • PCB manufacturer visit


Friday 26 October

If you’re in the neighborhood please join our Geek Tour. Just drop us a line via the contact form. We’re especially looking for people to join the huge Bangalore leg of the tour, we’ve got lots of vans available!

Image by Ssolbergj: CC BY-SA

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      1. Yes, from our original plans to go to Delhi only. It is great info from Rohit and I wanted it available for anyone considering a few stops themselves.

        Our trip changed because we had to go to Bangalore to meet our business contact to get a visa :) Most of the good places to visit turned out to be in the central and south too.

  1. In Mumbai you would be Arriving at the international terminal here

    And should be leaving for Bangalore through the domestic terminal here here

    Google maps has goofed up the terminal names! I Once had to goto the international terminal,but following google maps reached the domestic terminal! had to rush to the international terminal which was like 3 Kms away! :P

    and BTW brush up your metric units ‘coz metric units are popular here in india (Kms rather than miles and Kgs instead of US pounds)!!! :P

    1. In India and every where else in the world.

      Apart from the US and UK, pretty much the whole world uses the metric system,

  2. I am from mumbai, What do I need to meet/join your geek tour for mumbai. Looking forward very eagerly to meet you.

  3. I have been an avid follower of your blog and bought a few devices.
    Would love to catch up with your gang here in Bangalore !

    Please let me know your schedule for visiting Jaaga and Tenet

  4. It will be nice to see you people here in Bangalore. Can you please let us know the exact schedule of your visits (Hackerspace?? and where in Bangalore?)
    Thanks and have a nice journey.

    1. We’re keeping all the emails on these threads and will contact everyone shortly.

      Please do note: we had to reschedule everything just a few days ago there will not be an exact schedule until shortly before the trip. We’ll update the schedule on the wiki and email notices as we make plans, but likely there will only be a meeting place and time in the city center on the days indicated.

      Sorry, this should have been linked in the post above:

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