Open 7400 prize: ICD 3 and an Explorer16 from Microchip

Posted on Monday, October 1st, 2012 in 7400 contest, contest by DP

Microchip donated an ICD 3 and an Explorer16 to the Open 7400 Competition.  Get your entry in and this and other cool hardware can be yours.

MPLAB® ICD 3 In-Circuit Debugger System is Microchip’s most cost effective high-speed hardware debugger/programmer for Microchip Flash Digital Signal Controller (DSC) and microcontroller (MCU) devices.

The Explorer 16 is a low cost, efficient development board to evaluate the features and performance of Microchip’s new PIC24 Microcontroller, the dsPIC33 Digital Signal Controller (DSC) families, and the new 32-bit PIC32MX devices.

Thank you to Microchip for sponsoring the 2012 Open 7400 Logic Competition!

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5 Responses to “Open 7400 prize: ICD 3 and an Explorer16 from Microchip”

  1. Matseng says:

    Whoo, nice prize! I could have user for one of these. I’m currently just using a Pickit3 so a proper hardware debugger would hit the spot :-)

  2. Drone says:

    The P/N DV164035 MPLAB ICD 3 In-Circuit Debugger costs a whopping $189.99 USD plus $9.99 USD for the P/N AC164113 ICD 3 Test Interface Module (shown in the picture); so $199.98 total (what brilliant Marketing Goon came up with that pricing scheme?)

    IMHO This is a serious barrier to entry for those wanting to use Microchip components.

    Of-course, a lucky winner of the 7400 contest won’t have to stand for Microchip attaching a vacuum cleaner to his/her wallet.

    • Matseng says:

      Well, the Pickit3 is actually not a pile of dog poo and is quite capable of handling the flashing and debugging tasks needed for your everyday (hobby/small business) development.

      A genuine Pickit3 is only $45 and you can get a perfectly fine clone for $30 shipped.

      I’m rather happy with my Pickit3 for Microchip -based development and my AVR Dragon for flashing and debugging AVR processors. But of course I’d like to ramp up my tools to a real IDC3 and an AvrOne! but I do just fine without them…. :-)

      • Trev says:

        > Well, the Pickit3 is actually not a pile of dog poo

        Not since they turned it back into a PICkit2 :-)

      • Drone says:

        I don’t think you can do the same level of in-circuit-debugging with the PicKit3 like with the ICD 3. Boy I’ve read an awful lot of complaints about the PicKit3, especially when it first came out.

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