Getting around at New York Maker Faire 2012

We’re not the only ones using Nixie tubes at Maker Faire!  Follow the pics live with our twitter feed.

More photos below the fold.

Someone is apparently using their 3D printer to clone Katy Perry at Maker Faire

More colorful vehicles here than last year

Finally found a way to use all of our NYC metro cards

Unicorn, on fire

Part maker, part zoo

Battling Anonymous at Maker Faire


Stock market boustier provided real time information to a remote computer as you undress. Sexy Geeky

“Trailer Park”: Portable public park inside a trailer

Earthquake Skirt built from house debris, rumbles & shakes with seismic data from around the world

cupcakes, Halloween edition

Mechanical bull riding contest


A shirt and watch that display your own heartbeat

How do YOU carry home all of your Maker Faire goodies?

No words for this poster…

Making the most of the sudden downpour at Maker Faire

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