Water LED graffiti

Posted on Wednesday, September 26th, 2012 in project logs by DP

Here is a what happens when art and electronics mix. This is LED covered wall is activated when a drop of water covers a small contact patch surrounding the specific LED. The basic principle is so simple yet the art created looks great. You can read more about this built on the link provided.

Basically there are two exposed pieces of metal around each LED (that correspond to each LED)… All said and done, taking some measurements you generally wont get much lower than 100k, but it is geometry dependent. However, for many LEDs, especially super efficient super bright ones, this is enough current to get a pretty bright light coming out of them (we attempted with a small pad 1206 pad on a PCB we had around and a super bright 3mm blue LED).

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  1. Matseng says:

    This installation is really nice.

    I feel tempted to make a clone of it but I think my wife would hit me “where it hurts the most” if I bought $600 worth of led’s and spent about $1600 on the pcb’s plus a few psu’s and a few hundreds for the scaffolding. Plus spending 200 hours soldering it all up.

    I need a sponsor for this kind of stuff :-)

  2. As the author of the post that was linked to, I would like it to be noted that I did not make the installation. I simply took it upon myself to explain part of the installation and figure out how it worked.

    Antonin Fourneau was the one who made the installation and should be credited

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