Big box of parts for the US

Posted on Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 in Big Box of Parts by DP

A few months ago a big traveling part box started in the forum. It’s currently working its way through Europe to India. To cut down the costs of intercontinental shipping, several US members got together and started one too. The picture above is just one member’s contribution, there’s lots of other good stuff inside.

It’s Time to start a U.S. only box of parts. Same rules as before.

– Take the parts out you can really can use.
– Replace them with parts you can’t use (please add an equal amount of stuff)
– Send the box to the next person within a week.
– post a picture of what you got out of it and a small description what you are planning to do with
– No address information in this topic Please use the PM system for this

This will be a large flat rate priority mail box and will cost around $16 to ship.

Via the forum.

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