Bus Pirate v4 back in stock

Bus Pirate v4 is back in stock at Seeed Studio. The Bus Pirate is an open source hacker multi-tool that talks to electronic stuff. It’s got a bunch of features an intrepid hacker might need to prototype their next project.

v4 has some great new features, but if you want a tool that “just works” the v3 is still your best bet.

You can get a Bus Pirate v4 for $40, including worldwide shipping.

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  1. Is the BPv4 sporting the new DPXXXX form factor? Will there be a Sick of Beige case?

    A happy BPv3 owner!!

    1. This batch is not yet in the new form factor, but it is coming. A problem is that it can fit the same as v3.6, but t hen the laser cut area around the header gets pretty thin. Also the whole “nobody outside china can source the 12P header” gives DIY builders a sad :\

  2. Hey, I was just wondering if there was an estimated release date for the new form factor? I would really like to purchase the 4th version, but a nice case to go along with it would be great.

    1. I am sending the sample now, but there is another batch of the current version on the way first. It will still be several months.

      Also at this time v3 is still the most tested, most workingest, bestest Bus Pirate out there. Until we hit firmware v7 I wouldn’t touch hardware v4 in a production environment.

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