DIY Neurophone: Hear music in your brain

The Neurophone is an invention that allows you to transfer sound directly into the brain using either radio signals, or ultrasound. A DIY version of the latter was developed by Andreas using a simple PWM modulator IC TL494 and piezoelectric speakers.

The second version of the “Neurophone” used ultrasound instead. By modulating an ultrasonic signal with the audio we want to listen to, it gets picked up by a little-known part of the brain and turned into something that feels like sound.

The weird thing is this works even if the ultrasound transducers are far away from the head: maybe down at your waist, or even further (depending on your body).

Via Hacked Gadgets.

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    1. Just be careful so that your mind-brain-consciousness-life loop does not accidentally pick up the Soviet mind control transmissons!

      This is a joke, right? Just read through that first link – it has a pretty, well, distinctive style. And the blog on which the DIY version is posted just has that one post.

  1. Is there a way to beef up the components to make a stronger signal? Everything I’ve read about the commercially available neurophones (and the reason I’ve never purchased one, besides the pricetag), is that they don’t really work that well. The patent for this was originally snatched up by the military for like 40 years or something, and when it was finally released, the only devices that have been made seem weak…

  2. To look at one article and judge one does no one justice. Patrick Flanagan has over 300 patents and his IQ is off the measurable chart. I disagree and started using the neurophone a little over a year ago. My typing speed has doubled and memory better plus it has many other benefits. Thats why the DOD confiscated the patent for 10 years which is fully documented. I bet if you researched any forums of neurophone long term users, you would see they have a very high regard for this. I was a gulf war vet. with memory issues and it has helped me tremendously. It was proven at Stanford University and tested by other professionals

  3. I don’t know about this, I have the commercial version and it seems like its just a normal box with a cheep audio amp with a built in cross over so that only the highs output, instead of going to a normal speaker they have it on peizo buzzers and call that “Transducers” that you place on your head, Sure you hear the sound and it seems like its coming from your head and even if its a little far away its kind of like hearing the background of headphone sounds without wearing it, I fail to see how this even translates to “ultrasound” Could someone correct me?

  4. the Teslafreaks comment is realy funny because it now shows on youtube that flanagan is the reincarnation of no one less the Tesla himself.

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