Indian PCB Association Expo 2012

Posted on Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 in manufacturing, PCBs by DP

Viswa wrote to us about his visit to the Indian PCB Association Expo 2012 held in Bangalore. This fall we hope to go to India to check out the electronics markets and open source scene. Preparations are in progress, but it is the most complicated Geek Tour we’ve ever attempted. Viswa has been helping us with contacts for a PCB factory tour.

We knew about the inexpensive Seeed Studio’s PCB Service and I set to find what PCB prototyping services were available near home.   The participants of expo include few big Indian PCB manufacturers, EMS, Equipment and service providers and many international PCB equipment suppliers.

I expected many more PCB manufacturers. But, only few participated. We would like Indian readers to try out these PCB manufacturing services and write a review about cost, quality and customer friendliness in the forum.

From the talks at the inauguration function : Indian PCB industry is still developing. About 85% of PCB requirement are still imported by Indian Electronics Manufacturers. Government is providing subsidy for infrastructure to any new player. India is also home to large number of small PCB manufacturers who cater to local needs.

Few Stalls

  • Some of the PCB houses who support for small batches of PCB:

PCB Power  a division of Circuit Systems India Ltd.  PCB Power cater well to small batch prototyping service. They have capability upto 24 Layers and support upto 6 layers for small bateches. The online shop provides instant quotes for PCB prototyping service. The service are geared towards R&D houses, Prototypers and even students.

PC Process This board house supply prototype and Small Volume Multi Layer PCBs.

Geneus Electrotech Ltd. This company manufactures double, multi-layer PCB geared towards volume customers. The marketing manager was friendly and promised to support even for small batches. Contact: pcb(DOT)south(AT)genuselectrotech(DOT)com.

There was also a stall from FTD Automation,  a Cadence Channel Partner marketing Orcad EDA tool.

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5 Responses to “Indian PCB Association Expo 2012”

  1. Taniwha says:

    Indian business (and other) Visas take a while so prepare early – you should plan to be without your passport for a couple of weeks while it is processed (get the 1 year reentry visa it costs the same as the short term one, at least in NZ)

    You should also plan on the appropriate tropical medicine regime (get your shots for all the things we in the west are not as naturally immune to). Take some anti-biotics and rehydration kits just in case. But don;t avoid the local food – yum!

    Take your malaria drugs religiously (though when I was in Bangalore earlier this year I only saw one mosquito)

    Don’t even think of driving, pay someone to drive for you

    Most of all don’t let all this put you off India is a wonderful place to visit – lots going on, lots of energy

    • rsdio says:

      Drug-resistant strains of malaria make me cringe when I hear advice to take malaria drugs religiously. Don’t take this as medical advice, because I really don’t know what’s best, but part of the problem with malaria is that everybody is taking the drugs! The drug-resistant strains are a serious problem, so do some research.

    • Ian says:

      Our jabs are all scheduled. Visa will hopefully be applied for on Monday. Here I only get 6months entry, but I don’t see a chance to go twice in the next 6months with the current travel schedule. I’m really excited about this one, and we’ve got 12 contacts so far for tours of markets and stuff.

  2. Hmms says:

    I havegot a couple of prototypes made from pcb power and they offer awesome quality. But their customer service sucks…

  3. sagar rathi says:

    pcb power really sucks…….they told me that they will process my order only after full payment and then they said that they have proccesed my order without payment and now demanding me to pay or else they will take legal action.I told them from much before to wait for 5 days but they processed it before that time.If anyone here needs proof then please contact me , i will mail you the proof .Also there price are high in reality then they advertise.

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