Little Wire beta V1.1 firmware and software released

Kehribar released the v1.1 beta firmware and software for the Little Wire AVR multi-tool. He added support for the 1-wire protocol, made the I2C, SPI, and the AVR debug console interfaces more robust. Other features include new 3 channel pulse-width modulator, software controlled internal pullup resistors, andPIC24F series programming capability.

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  1. Nice work! :-) When will you include the kitchen sink?? :-D Now I’ll have to update my little wire’s firmware! ;-)

  2. Hi!

    Pic24FJ series programming capability is very limited to certain devices and hasn’t been tested other than me yet. Please if you have the environment, confirm that it is working also. I verified a flash writing operation with a Pickit2 and it was OK, but anyway i can’t call it quite stable yet :) Think it as a bonus feature.

    Also, as you might guess, it is not very speed efficient as well :) It takes almost a minute to flash the BusPirate firmware. :)


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