Guest 3D Model: Little Wire

Posted on Monday, July 30th, 2012 in 3D Model by DP

Today we feature Squonk’s 3D model of the Little Wire AVR based multi-tool. As with our models it was designed in SketchUp with the eagleUp plugin, and rendered in Kerkyrhea. You can download the model from Squonk’s 3D warehouse collection.

Via the forum.

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4 Responses to “Guest 3D Model: Little Wire”

  1. Destate9 says:

    Very cool! I wonder how long it took to render

    • Squonk says:

      This 800×600 picture took 15 minutes to render on my modest 4-yea-old Dual Core Centrino laptop!

      What took me time is to create the model for the glass-coated Zener diode with this realistic “milky” effect.

      • Destate9 says:

        Snap, yeah I’d immagine that would be rough making the zener diodes look realistic, not to mention the LED. Turned out great, though!

      • rsdio says:

        Ya know, I think it’s great that people like you have time to create nice-looking, realistic models. (not that I’ve used 3D rendering yet, but it’s tempting)

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