Workshop Update for July 27th, 2012

Posted on Friday, July 27th, 2012 in Workshop Update by DP

Today much of the day was spent answering emails, and forum support. We did receive our order of Dangerous Prototypes stickers in the meantime.

Bus Pirate demo board v5 firmware is being finalized. We caught a few hardware bugs on the board though, which might require another PCB revision.

Ian and Sjaak are meeting this weekend for a Dangerous Prototypes food crawl in an undisclosed location. Be sure to follow our Twitter feed for pictures.

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8 Responses to “Workshop Update for July 27th, 2012”

  1. Fabryz says:

    Workshop *ftfy

    Do want stickers

  2. tayken says:

    Strange, I am off today to eat some BBQ sandwiches. And some other stuff. But BBQ sandwich! :) Twitter war? :P

  3. Drone says:

    Like many, I don’t do (hate) Twitter – so I’m disenfranchised :-(

  4. ian says:

    No need to hand over personal details to twitter just to see our awesome food adventure :) it was echt lekker.

    • Sjaak says:

      If you dont want to follow the crawl on twitter you should attend it ;)

      See ya next year round the same time? :P

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