App note: Sensorless field oriented control of an AC motor

Posted on Saturday, July 7th, 2012 in app notes by DP

PIC 33 microcontrollers  in the motor control series can implement sensorless field oriented control. FOC is a control technique that works with DC and AC induction motors. It operates smoothly over the full speed range, and has full torque when the motor starts.

The term “sensorless” does not
represent the lack of sensors entirely, but the fact that
in comparison with other drives from the same category
of field oriented control, it denotes that the speed
and/or position sensor is missing. This feature
decreases the cost of the drive system, which is always
desired, but this is not the only reason for this
approach, as some applications have requirements
concerning the size, and the lack of additional wiring for
sensors or devices mounted on the shaft (due to hostile
environments such as high temperature, corrosive
contacts, etc.).

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