ChipKIT Uno32 review and lots of tutorials

Raj made a in-depth tutorial series on the chipKIT Uno32, PIC32 based Arduino compatible boards.

I have started this new tutorial series on chipKIT, and I believe they will be helpful for beginners to start using this platform for their own embedded projects and designs. Because I am also new to the Arduino and chipKIT world, I would really appreciate your opinions, comments and suggestions regarding these tutorials.

The tutorials cover his learning experience with the Uno32 boards. So far there are 4 tutorials covering:

  1. Digital input and output
  2. Serial communication with PC
  3. Analog to digital conversion
  4. Interfacing with a character LCD

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  1. Your tutorials on ChipKit Uno 32 give me a good start to work with Uno 32. This type of tutorials are not so much (on line) in compared with Arduino tutorials.

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