Coil gun version of the “High Striker” carnival strength test

Posted on Thursday, June 7th, 2012 in DIY, project logs by DP

Want to test your strength at home, instead of only at carnivals? Well Bertho is designing a updated version of the popular carnival strength test using electro-magnets to propel the ball. You can easily rig the game so you are the only one that can ring the ball.

I have been working on a game-idea for some time and now it simply must be made. The game “High Striker”, done in electronic form, using a ball in a transparent tube that is propelled in a coil-gun style. However, one coil cannot get the ball to ring the bell and a second coil must be activated at the right time with the right power to propel the ball all the way up.

The kit requires lots of acrylic laser cutting, and the cost for a one-off is quite high. If you are interested in this project let Bertho know in the forum, he is looking into making a few.

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