Workshop Update for 5th of June, 2012

Desktop cleanup yielded a few random project files that we added to the SVN.

We’re preparing 2 different sales pages for the Bus Pirate. We’ll post both for feedback, and then randomly display them to determine if one is more effective. Any statistics will be posted on the blog.

The DIY DP Badge is nearing completion, we are still figuring out if we should add logic to the LED matrix, or just connect them all to power, and let people solder the ones they want to light up.

The Part Ninja firmware, and Processing app is now stable under Windows. Under Linux only terminal mode is supported, there seems to be an error in the Processing serial library under Linux.

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  1. you need to add proper
    in the lib directory for serial to work properly for processing under linux

    1. The problem is that after a while the sketch crash, error on the libraries.
      The other problem is with the “binaries” created by processing, I get an error regarding rxtxserial. I tried the most common solution: export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/ but doesn’t change.

      1. that’s weird, I used processing with reprap for a while (2 years ago) and it worked perfectly … maybe they messed something up in the meantime, will try when I get few free moments

  2. Hey, Just a suggestion for the LED matrix –
    connect all LED cathodes to ground, but from the anode pads provide vias to the bottom layer. Provide a grid of Vcc (through a resistor) on the bottom layer with vias next to the LED anode vias, so that the vias can be bridged with solder where required. The vias will also allow easy soldering of wire incase logic needs to be slapped on.

    1. it;s way better to connect anodes to Vss and leave cathodes flying so that you can sink the cathodes… it’s way easier to sink current then to source it..

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